Lana Del Rey Uses A Mesmerizing Trailer

Lana Del Rey has made the official announcement for her upcoming fifth studio album. This album is titled “Lust for Life” and it has received the epic treatment that it deserved right from the start. It’s just the announcement for the album and Lana has gone lengths to do a video trailer for it. Lana is definitely looking for the serious business with this album, considering the way she has announced it. We could definitely expect great things when the album finally comes out.

This announcement shocked some fans while others were simply ecstatic with the trailer. The trailer came out on VEVO and became available to a worldwide audience through YouTube. The trailer for the album is 2-minute long and that’s quite some length for an album trailer. It’s a black & white video that shows Lana Del Rey announcing her new album in a speech. During the speech, she explains the creative process and the kind of responsibility it is to do music for fans.

It’s time you watch the trailer for this upcoming album. I’m sure a lot of other singers will also have similar ideas in the future if this works for Lana. This is definitely a wonderful way to tell the world that they have to wait for an artist’s upcoming album. Watch the trailer below.

Watch Lana Del Rey Announcing Her New Album

Post Author: David Watt