Khalid Premieres a New Music Video, “Better”. Watch Now:

The American Singer and Songwriter,”Khalid” has released the Official Music Video for the lead single, “Better” from his debut EP, “Suncity”. The song was co-written by Khalid with “Charlie Handsome” , “Jamil Chammas”, “Denis Kosiak”, “Tor Erik Hermansen”and “Mikkel Stoleer Eriksen”. The song was released last month( On 19th of October).

Well, it is a good move by the R&B Singer to accompany the song Better with the music video because this song is already a hit. Let me take this moment to tell you that Better has been on the charts in Australia, Norway and New Zealand as one of the top 10 singles and also has secured position in top 40 singles in some other countries.

So, now you know that BETTER is already good and what about the music video? It is lit AF. It was premiered via YouTube and features Khalid and a lady.

In the start, You will see Khalid standing by a yellow BMW and then he starts singing. The video continues and the stylish Khalid keeps singing the song, enjoying and dancing and then some cars come and start to drift around him. It all just gets catchy and catchy.

Watch The Music Video To Khalid’s, “Better”:

I am just wondering that how much is this music video going to help Khalid to secure more positions on the charts?

Post Author: David Watt