johnny marr leaves the cribs

Johnny Marr ends collaboration with The Cribs

Ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr has ended his long association with Wakefield band The Cribs to focus on solo projects and film soundtracks.

Marr has been recording and playing live with The Cribs since 2008, but is thought to have left the band early this year.  In a statement released today, the legendary guitarist said:

“I’m working on new solo songs. I’ll be putting out two records over the next year or so and doing more film soundtrack work. Touring and recording with Ryan, Gary and Ross has been fantastic and Ignore The Ignorant is something I’m really proud of. We ended up doing much more than we originally set out to, and I’ve made three good friends.”

Following Marr’s official announcement, The Cribs were keen to stress the departure of Marr was amicable – saying on their website:

johnny marr leaves the cribs

“We don’t want it to be seen as a split, that just has so many negative connotations and really doesn’t represent the way everyone is feeling right now.”

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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