Hailee Steinfeld’s Debut EP Is Available For Streaming

Hailee Steinfeld has made her debut EP available for streaming. The EP is titled “Haiz” and it’s released through Republic Records. There are only four tracks in the EP. Hailee, who has to deliver goods with this EP, has also co-written “Love Myself”, one of the most anticipated tracks on this EP.

Hailee, who is a close friend of Taylor Swift, has included two up tempo songs while one mid tempo song in her debut EP. The fourth track is a raw ballad. The lead single “Love Myself” is already a super hit on radio and Hailee is expecting this track to help her make a real impression with her debut EP. However, the track “You’re Such A” is probably the one you’re going to fall in love with. This track is flawless and I really don’t understand why Hailee hasn’t released it as official lead single from the album. It could have been an even bigger hit compared to “Love Myself”. But anyway, the entire album is available for streaming on Spotify and you can play “You’re Such A” as many times as many you like.

When Hailee stared in the hit Hollywood movie “True Grit”, no one was knew that this girl would become the next big pop sensation. However, with the release of “Haize”, it looks as if Hailee is already a star. Listen the album yourself and you will know what I’m talking about. This is good music.

Stream “Haize” by Hailee Steinfeld

Post Author: David Watt