Extended Review of “High Off My Love” by Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is going crazy with her new single “High Off My Love”. According to some statisticians, she has spent more time, energy and money on promoting this single compared to the entire promotional campaign run by Rihanna for R8, which was definitely one of the biggest promotional campaigns any mainstream artists has done in a while. Since Paris Hilton is also doing a lot of modeling assignments along with traditional music promotion, she has got a lot of attention actually.

If you go back a few weeks at the time of Cochella, you will remember that Paris had a billboard on the way to Coachella just to remind everyone that she is still doing music. She then went on to talk about her new song and its accompanying visuals on Instagram. The endless stream of promotional posts on Instagram was followed up by European Press Tour where Paris didn’t waste any opportunity to promote her new song.

Now that she has already created the buzz about her music and new visuals, she has released an extended preview of the music video “High Off My Love”. The music video preview is in black and white, indicating that the entire video is going to be like that since it is an extended preview. Nevertheless, the music video looks cool and the song sounds better every time you listen to it. That is something only a few people expected from Paris’ music a few months back.

“High Off My Love” can be called this year’s most hyped music video and it may just live up to the expectations, especially after what we have seen in the extended preview. You can watch the extended preview of music video below.

Watch the extended preview of “High Off My Love” by Paris Hilton

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz