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EP Review: Piqued Jacks – ‘Just A Machine’

The Piqued Jacks, an Indie Alternative/Funk-Rock band, has released a 6-track EP titled Just A Machine. Originally from Italy, the band of brothers, consisting of Andrea Lazzeretti (vox & piano), Francesco Cugia (guitar & B.V), Matteo Cugia (Drums and B.V.) and Francesco Bini (bass & b.v.), now officially reside in Austin Texas and have already performed 2 showcases at SXSW in 2012.

Prior to the release of Just A Machine, The Piqued Jacks released two successful EPs that have dominated Italian airwaves, such as Radio Rai 1 and Mediaset Italia 2. The band’s newly released EP Just A Machine came to life with the help of Grammy nominated producer Brian Lanese. The EP is a masterful production from it’s funky fresh rock sound to it’s strong lyrical content. Lead singer Andrea Lazzeretti clearly has a vibrantly engaging vocal. Just A Machine is intermixed with up tempo tracks that will get you jumping up and down and slower tempo tracks that create a pleasing experience emphasized by the sweet sounding guitar.

The opening track “Welcome To The Future” is a grungy hard rock inspired song with gritty vocals and innovative textures of sound highlighted by the electric guitar, bass and drums. The instrumental production of the track perfectly matches the lyrical content rooted within the song as it paints a chaotic futuristic atmosphere.

“Blackie” is a track with quite a catchy chorus accentuated by the recurring melodic sounds of the guitar. The orchestral production is an eerie and mysterious creation, while the lead vocalist sings about yearning for one’s embrace and passionately reiterates, “Don’t turn away.”

“My Kite,” arguably one of the better tracks on the EP, offers a heart-warming and serene vibe created by the tenderly soft tone of the lead vocalist and the gentle sounds of the piano. Even though the chorus continuously repeats “the ocean” over and over again, it doesn’t come off as irritating. It is rather quite alluring, due to the dynamically powerful way in which the lead vocalist sings. Leading up to the end of the song, a crescendo in sound is heard as the lead vocalist beautifully showcases the emotive quality to his upper register.

The Piqued Jacks really have a distinctively appealing sound that is sure to captivate audiences around the world. Here is the link to stream/purchase their EP: http://piquedjacks.bandcamp.com/


1) Welcome To The Future 3:53

2) Blackie 3:13

3) Youphoric?! 4:15

4) My Kite 4:32

5) Amusement Park 4:39

6) Tourist of An Apocalypse 6:18

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