Classic Performance: Watch Bruce Springsteen Perform Live In A Street In 1980

It was during the early 1980s that we saw the very best of Bruce Springsteen. He was touring with the E Band to support The River. We have got a video from that tour showing Bruce Springsteen performing live in a street. The video is definitely worth watching for anyone who wants to travel back to that era or simply wants to see Bruce Springsteen at his best.

Bruce delivered this performance at Arizona State University in the town of Tempe where he was forced to stop his tour as the presidential election concluded and Ronald Reagon became the President. The performance was over 2 hours long filled with a lot of beautiful performances. It is now available on two DVDs released on Friday 4 December. The clip you watch below is from that 2-hour long performance. You can order the full collection at Amazon and iTunes.

Post Author: David Watt