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Camila Cabello Collaborating with Kane Brown for “Never Be The Same” Remix

Camila Cabello is on fire. She ruled the charts with her single “Havana” and peaked her debut solo album at number 1 spot. Now she is focused on her second single from the album “Never Be The Same”. After delivering some mesmerizing TV performances for “Never Be The Same“, Camila has now teamed up with Kane Brown for a remixed version of this track.

Camila Cabello made the announcement about this upcoming collaboration on Twitter where she told her fans that they would get a huge surprise from her side this week. Here is how she announced.


How do we know that Kane is involved in this surprise song that’s coming out this week? HE replied with a ‘fire’ emoji, which clearly indicates that he is teaming up with her.

With the remix coming out, I’m sure Camila track “Never Be The Same” will move into top 10. If that happens, it would be Kane’s first entry into top 10 while Camila has already enjoyed two entries. It won’t only help Camila propel her new song to the top, but this collaboration will help Kane score his first major hit. However, we don’t know yet if this will turn out to be a hit or a flop. So let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait for the track to come out. We will know the fortune of the remix within a few hours of its release.

Post Author: David Watt