Alessia Cara’s new release “A Little more

Have You Listened to Alessia Cara’s New Release “A Little More”. Listen it More and More Here:

Alessia Cara’s new release “A Little more

The Canadian singer and songwriter, Alessia Cara had her birthday on July 11th. The “Scars to Your Beautiful” Singer celebrated her 22nd birthday by giving a pleasant gift to her fans.

Alessia Cara dropped a new song titled “A Little More” as the clock stuck midnight. She released the song on social media and tweeted about her new song “A Little more” which says, “I made the song in my basement and thought I’d release it tomorrow as a small gift for my birthday”. But it is a very fine gift for her fans indeed. Happy belated birthday lady!  The lyrics of “A little more” are simply a page of Cara’s diary and is a precious acoustic number. Here you can even watch her most recent “Growing Pains” a full of energy with deep lyrics from last month.

The acoustic jingle is Cara’s most raw release yet, Cara sings in a low tone like a ballad, her breathy vocals with the stripped-down guitar uttered lyrics like “Hey you! Hey mister, knock on my door. I’m sorry that I have been emotions galore. Am I crazy for wanting a little bit more? A little more of you.”

Alessia have done great releasing this soft vocal, Enjoy it below!

Post Author: David Watt