Zayn Malik launches demo for his first solo “I Won’t Mind”

Naughty Boy who created hits such as “La La La” recently posted a demo version of Zayn Malik’s first solo song on SoundCloud. The track is titled “I Won’t Mind” and it is completely different from what you have heard from the boyband One Direction during Zayn’s stay with it. Zyan Malik has probably done the right thing by releasing a solo that is entirely different from the music he was doing earlier with the band.

“I Won’t Mind’ is an alternative indie track that shows raw version of Zyan’s music talents. The track needs some work and fine tuning but the demo version is good enough to tell Zyan’s fans that he isn’t gone. He has brought in the energy of Sia and his vocals sound so much like Ed Sheeran. The track is going to be a hit especially with all the drama going around. Fans are going to download it just for the sake of having Zyan’s first solo track in their collection. Nevertheless, Zyan has made his fans ecstatic with his brilliantly done “I Won’t Mind”.

The track has huge potential. The vocals are done professional and the melody is good. “I Don’t Mind” may have a depressing them overall but the track is extremely relatable and sounds much better compared to majority of music that Zyan did in his days at One Direction.

Listen to Zyan Malik Demo For His First Solo “I Don’t Mind”

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz