Zayn Malik World Premieres His Single “Befour” – Listen Full Audio Now

Zayn Malik just keeps releasing new songs from his upcoming solo album. Yesterday, we got another new song from this highly-anticipated debut album. This new single is titled “Befour” is now available on iTunes as a countdown single. You can also stream the track on VEVO and Spotify. If you want to purchase this song individually, you can get it on iTunes or you can simply pre-order Zayn’s upcoming album and get the song free.

With the release of “Befour”, Zayn’s fans on Twitter have gone wild. A lot of fans have come out praising the track while many others are dubbing Zayn’s music now better than times when he was a One Direction member. This is a huge success for Zayn on all fronts and it could mean huge fruits for him, especially considering the fact that his debut solo album is about to come out.

“Befour” is three and a half minute long. The track has a groovy sound with some elements of R&B and electro. The production quality is really good. The song is about the attitude of haters who don’t say a bad thing to face but then they have so much criticism when away. Zayn asks them to say it to his face, whatever they got to say. You can listen to the song below.

Listen to “Befour” by Zayn Malik

Post Author: David Watt