Zayn Malik Talks About His Upcoming Debut Album In An Interview – Listen to full interview

Zayn Malik, who has been making headlines recently  for his debut solo album, has talked about a lot of things in his recent interview and has revealed some information about his upcoming album while talking to Zane Lowe for Beats 1 radio.

Here are some highlights from the interview.

About the album: There are going to be 17 or 18 tracks in his upcoming album. The album will be released in March. Zayn originally recorded a total of 45+ songs for the album but have only finalized 17 so far. One of the songs will be a collaboration between Zayn and Kehlani.

About the lead single: The lead single “Pillow Talk” is set for a release today. It will be premiered on BBC Radio. The music video will be released along with the audio version. Zayn Malik directed the music video himself.

About the band: Zayn never wanted to be part of the One Direction band! He said that the major reason for joining the band was to prove that he can sing and have a solo career. He believes that he is still a good friend with the band members but he always wanted to write and sing his songs his own way, not controlled by someone else.

You can listen to the full interview at SoundCloud. Just click PLAY below.

Listen to Zayn Malik Interview- Full interview in High Quality audio

Post Author: David Watt