Zayn Malik Premiers New Single + Music Video – Watch the Official Video for “Pillow Talk”

After teasing for months and creating quite a buzz, former One Direction star, Zayn Malik has launched himself as a solo artist with the release of his debut single “Pillow Talk”. As promised earlier, Zayn also premiered the official music video along with the official audio version.

I know a lot of you have been going back to the preview of “Pillow Talk” that leaked by incident and later Zayn made it official by releasing the preview officially. It’s time to listen to the high quality full version. This new single will be included in Zayn’s debut album “Mind of Mine”. The album will be released by RCA Records in March, this year.

“Pillow Talk” is a sex-themed song that’s somewhat raunchy as well. I think it’s the perfect track for Zayn to start his solo career. The song clearly shows us the dominant and passionate of Zayn. He really likes being the in-charge while making love. Check out some of the lyrics.

Climb of board

I’ll go slow in high tempo

Light and dark

Hold me tight, Never mellow

The track sounds somewhat experimental due to a distorted vocal loop and synths that you’d hear. It also does a little genre-changing trick as it progresses from a rock and roll chorus to a more of an indie-R&B track. It might sound like a big risk to Zayn at the production but I think the track is a success. He has also shot a perfect music video. Check it out below.

Watch Music Video “Pillow Talk” by Zayn Malik – High Quality Official Version

Post Author: David Watt