Zayn Malik Song, “Fingers”. Stream Now:

Blessing is to have new music from our all time favorite, “ZAYN”.

Yeah, the English Singer and Songwriter, “Zayn Javadd Malik” who is known professionally as his name, “Zayn” has delivered a new song titled “Fingers”.

While everyone is waiting for his full length second solo album, the English singer has been releasing back to back singles since 2017.  “Fingers” is seventh song yet released which will appear on his upcoming album. When will he release the album? I mean seven singles have been released yet so, how many songs is this new upcoming LP going to possess? Who Cares? All we want is new Zayn’s music.

This new song, “Fingers” is already a bop and it’s going to leave you WOW! Zayn just slayed it with his soft vocals, and just imagine him singing on a R&B track and the Lyrics? Zayn just wants to tell his lady what he is feeling right now. He want’s to text her and he wants her to be by his side.

The Chorus Sounds like this, “I’ve been fucked and I want ya, I can’t even text ya, ‘Cause my fingers ain’t working, but my heart is. If you wanna let me know where you hiding. I could come and love (I could come and love)”.

 Listen To Zayn Malik’s New Song, “Fingers”:

Post Author: David Watt