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Watch “Uh Huh” Official Music Video by Julia Michaels

Julia Michaels has premiered the official music video for her new song “Uh Huh”. The music video came out on VEVO today. The song “Uh Huh” will be included in Julia’s upcoming “Nervous System” album. It’s going to be a mini album, filled with amazing tunes like “Uh Huh”. The album will come out on 28th July.

The music video for “Uh Huh” brings on screen the exact story you hear in the audio. It’s about an addictive relationship where things get really emotional and hot. The video for this grungy pop song gives us Julia at her best. She appears as a fashion model who is involved in this addictive relationship. She is electric and symmetric, or call it simply amazing. You will see her all over her boyfriend in this music video. If you like this song “Uh Huh”, the music video will make you obsessed about it. It’s that’s good.

In the video, you see Julia Michaels rocking blue jeans and top look. She wants to represent youth and life more than anything else with it, I believe.

I’m sure she will get a lot of following after this video. It’s a simple video but yet it works really well. She looks great, the visuals lay out really nice, and everything from lyrics to editing is really professional. It feels as if this MV is clearly going to lift the single on charts and help Julia get it closer to where it deserves. It’s such a great song.

Watch Music Video “Uh Huh” by Julia Michaels

Post Author: David Watt