Watch the self-directed music video of “Pacify Her” By Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez released the music video for her single “Pacify Her” from her debut album “Cry Baby” on November 15th, 2016. The album was released in the summer of 2015.

After the music video release of “Pacify Her”, there are only three tracks from her album “Cry Baby” not having a music video yet. It appears to me that she’s going to make music videos of each remaining track.

“Pacify Her” is a self-direction of Melanie Martinez, and the cinematography is done by Josh Mckie.

The music video shows Melanie Martinez in a double role. There will be two girls – one is the sweet Melanie and the another one is obnoxious. Both are trying to win a boy who’s all painted blue. You will see each of the two trying to get the attention of the young boy.

The hilarious ending will see the obnoxious and devilish Melanie winning the boy by showing her chest. What the hell was that! How could the boy not fall for the sweet one who’s been playing with him all the time during the video? It was funny.

Though, we see the sweet one disappointed and heart-broken at the end of the video while the obnoxious Melanie takes the boy out by holding his hands.

The New yorker singer Melanie Martinez is so young and cute. And the video deserves a thumb up as it’s her own direction. She has the potential to be into direction business.

Watch: “Pacify Her” by Melanie Martinez

Post Author: Harvey Dyer