Watch Shania Twain Perform “Life’s About To Get Good” on TV for The First Time

Shania Twain announced her comeback earlier this year. Continuing with the mood, she released a new single “Life’s About To Get Good” last week. This week, she decided to give her fans something more and appeared on the TV in The Today Show. She performed a mini concert and didn’t how if she has lost anything – neither the years nor the art of delivering a mesmerizing performance instantly.

The 51-year old was amazing at the mini-concert. The song “Life’s About To Get Good” is a catchy country anthem that grows on your as you listen to it more. In fact, every time you listen to this song, you like it more.

Shania didn’t only perform this new song but she also sang some other songs. One of these was “Swinging With My Eyes Closed”. She also performed “That Don’t Impress Me Much” and her superhit country song “Man! I Feel Like A Woman”. It was a pure country treat for Shania fans.

She also sat with the TV host for an interview. In her interview, she talked about her comeback and how she planned to say it all with her first single. She wants to tell everyone that her life is about to go through a huge change. It’s like going from dark to light, from sad to happy.

Below, you can watch her interview. Enjoy the gossip and see how excited she feels about her new album even at this age. She looks just the same as she was 10 years back.

Watch Shania Twain Performing “Life’s About To Get Good” + Interview (Talks about her new album)

Post Author: David Watt