Watch Official Music Video: “One Last Song” by Sam Smith

Sam Smith has premiered the official music video for “One Last Song”. He is going to take us to a theatre in London in these visuals.

“One Last Song” is the official second single from Sam’s “The Thrill of It All” album. The official MV for this song came out on VEVO yesterday and has gathered plenty of views and some interesting comments since then.

In the music video, Sam Smith takes us to a London theatre where he opens his song “One Last Song”. He, wearing some strange clothing, sings the first few lines and then moves to the backstage. It’s actually a way of showing you around. When the camera rolls to the backstage, you see artists getting ready for their performances. There are dancers who are stretching and getting ready for their on-stage performance.

“One Last Song” is an emotional ballad that deals with the end of a romantic relationship. In the song, Smith sings about the difficulty of letting go of someone you love, even if the relationship is no longer healthy. The song is a tribute to the grieving process of a lost love, and it speaks to the need to say goodbye to move on. The song benefits from a simple instrumentation, which highlights Smith’s powerful voice. The poetic lyrics and vocal harmonies add a touch of melancholy to the song, reflecting the difficult emotions that Smith sings about. “One Last Song” is a poignant and emotional song that deals with the difficulty of letting go of someone you love. With its powerful vocals and poetic lyrics, Smith delivers a moving performance that touches the hearts of its listeners.

After showing you what goes on in the backstage, Sam decides to take us to the rooftop. He climbs the stairs slowly, singing a line from his song at every step. It takes him some time to reach that top and that’s what you get to see for rest of the video. When he finally reaches the top, it’s a mesmerizing view. That’s what he wanted us to see. With Palace of Westminster on one side and Big Ben on the other, this cloudy image is a good pick to end the video. You can watch this music video below.

Watch Official Music Video “One Last Song” by Sam Smith

Post Author: David Watt