Watch Nicki Perform at Drake’s “Boy Meets World” concert in Paris

Nicki Minaj came out to perform in Paris at Drake’s concert. The fans were definitely not expecting it so they absolutely loved it. Nicki Minaj performed “No Frauds” and the crowd went crazy. I’m sure you’d love to see the video so don’t wait and scroll down to see the the queen Nicki on the screen.

Nicki also performed three songs with Drake. The first one was “Moment 4 Life”, followed by “Truffle Butter” and “Only”. Fans absolutely loved all the three songs. Then Drake decided to step back to let Nicki have the full stage. Nicki, knowing that the fans would want something special from her, gave them her new single “No Frauds”. She performed the song for the first time on time – yes, the FIRST time. That’s the gift those in Paris got on March 12 night.

Unfortunately, Nicki just did a preview of the song. She didn’t sing the full song and even didn’t sing it live. She simply sang the chorus. Wish she had done more than that and had sung the full song instead of using a backing track. But maybe she wants to bring it all out later through TV.

Watch Nicki Minaj new song “No Doubt” – Live Performance in Paris

Post Author: David Watt