Watch Music Video: “Framed” by Eminem

Eminem has premiered the official music video for his new single “Framed”. It’s filled with gruesome scenes. So if you have a weak heart and can’t see intestines flying around and blood splashing on your face, avoid it. If ‘people getting their body parts splashed into air’ doesn’t bother you, give this new Eminem video a try at the bottom.

If ‘blood and murder’ doesn’t bother you, this music video could become your favorite MV this year. It’s that good. It syncs with the mood of the song and you feel like you are in the world where Eminem wanted you to be for the song “Framed”. I love it. I bet you’d also love it.

The music video opens with a news clip where you are told the Eminem has escaped the murder scene and is currently inside a building. Then you see Eminem as he starts rapping. His face switches with a monster-like face for brief moments as he throws the verses. You then see him eating limbs and cutting throats. He is holding a dismembered arm and starts chopping someone’s body parts.

Then someone appears on TV and tells the reporter that Marshall thinks he is being framed for the murder. It’s when you see the other side of things. Eminem starts singing ‘I din’t murder anybody’ part of the song and the pace of the video changes accordingly. It’s really nicely done. No more spoilers. Go ahead and watch the video below.

Watch “Framded” by Eminem – Official Music Video

Post Author: David Watt