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Watch Music Video “Finally” by M.I.A

M.I.A has released the official music video for her new song “Finally”. It’s finally here and you can stream the video at the end of this review.

In the music video, M.I.A is a desert queen and she looks great, to be honest. When you watch the video, it feels as if you are taking a desert safari. So, anyone who hasn’t spent some time in a desert should watch this video for the sake of unique experience.

This new music video is directed by Vivianne Sassen. The video opens with M.I.A getting the queen treatment. People throw flowers at her, wave their flags, and sing blessings when she walks through them. It’s a hot day and since they are in a desert, the heat is probably unbearable. As soon as you realize that, you see M.I.A putting on a jacket and then the magic happens. The sun goes away and all of sudden its a cool desert, where you’d love to spend time. Just make sure that M.I.A is there with her special jacket.

But you can also look at this video from another perspective. When she puts on the jacket, the sun goes down, indicating that its evening. Maybe, she is trying to tell everyone that deserts don’t stay like this all the time. They are hot in the day and cool at the night. The jacket is merely a symbol.

Although this music video is pretty simple, yet it’s powerful and amazing. You will love every moment of this music video and maybe you’d put it on repeat for hours. M.I.A  looks great in the video. Watch the MV below.

Watch Music Video “Finally” by M.I.A

Post Author: David Watt