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Watch Music Video “Supplies” by Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake has released a new single titled “Supplies”. Along with the new single, he also premiered the official music video for the song. It feels like we are going to see Justin Timberlake back to his best again.

The new single “Supplies” is included in Justin Timberlake’s upcoming album “Man of the Woods”. The album is expected to make it to the stores in the first week of February. I’m sure Timberlake will consider making it the second official single from the album, leaving out “Filthy” – which wasn’t really what we expected as the second single. If this could happen and “Supplies” replace “Filthy” as the second official single, it will be big news for the fans.

“Supplies” is produced by Neptunes. It’s a mid-tempo song with clear urban vibes. Since it’s Justin’s first work with this production team since 2012, we are sure it has something good to offer. When you listen to “Supplies”, you will know that Pharrell and his team hasn’t lost their touch yet. They can still produce some super bangers and that’s what they have done here for Justin Timberlake who desperately needed this kind of a single after “Filthy”. You can listen to this new song below. Don’t forget to leave your comments about how you rate this new single from Timberlake.

Watch Music Video “Supplies” by Justin Timberlake

Post Author: David Watt