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Watch Music Video “Mad Love” by Sean Paul, David Guetta, and Becky G

Sean Paul gave us his comeback song “Mad Love” earlier this month. It featured David Guetta and Becky G. This song “Mad Love” turned out to be an explosive banger and it totally deserved the video treatment. Knowing that very well, Sean Paul gave us the official music video for this song yesterday. The music video is directed by Sarah McColgan and it’s destined to get a lot of eyeballs rolling with its sexy theme.

The music video takes place in a club. It seems like a makeshift club but it could be the way it was decorated. Anyhow, in the club, you see Sean Paul surrounding by sexy girls and Becky G is moving around singing her lines. She looks beautiful and I’m sure one of the reasons this music video will get a lot of views is because of her. If you don’t know, her last music video gathered over a billion views. In this MV, she looks even better and serves a hotter look. Will this music video get more views than Becky G’s previous one? I feel like it has the potential and it’s only up to producers to promote the MV properly.

If you are wondering where is David Guetta in the video, you will see him leaning on the walls and knocking them. I don’t know why he is knocking at the walls but I’m sure he is listening to Becky G in the club and is looking to find a way in. You finally see him dancing with Becky G but then the scene cuts back to David leaning on the walls. This time, his feet are moving and he seems to be enjoying the beat. Watch the music video below.

Watch Music Video “Mad Love” by Sean Paul, David Guetta, and Becky G

Post Author: David Watt