Watch Mariah Carey Destroying the New Year’s Eve for Millions of People

If you were watching on ABC or were there in the Times Square in NYC, you witnessed a real ‘bad’ ending to a year that’s already been marked as a ‘bad’ year in the history. Nevertheless, Mariah Carey was scheduled to perform at the event as the world welcomed 2017. The event was to go LIVE on ABC and there were thousands of people at the Times Square, waiting for Mariah to perform live at the grand moment.

But nothing like that happened for all these people as Mariah didn’t perform live.

I’m not sure what went wrong back there. Maybe, Mariah wasn’t ready for a live performance. Or could it be that she prepared a different song than the one played? It was terrible. Think of all those fans who have been waiting for hours to start the new year with their idol. She couldn’t perform live for them. That’s totally embarrassing.

One fan theory is trying to explain the problem saying that Mariah prepared for a lip-sync track but they didn’t play the track. Instead, they played for the live performance. I have a question to these fans. How could someone be so unprofessional?

Mariah won’t forget this performance. Fans would want to forget it thinking about it as something that went bad but Mariah didn’t go off stage and tried to cover up. But one thing no one can forget is that Mariah looked absolutely stunning. Even when things went wrong, she had a great smile to accompany her sexy body. Watch her LIVE performance below.

Watch Mariah Carey Perform LIVE on New Year Eve

Post Author: David Watt