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Watch Leona Lewis Perform “Bridge Over Troubled Water” at National Memorial Day

Leona Lewis appeared at the National Memorial Day Concert 2018 and performed her hit track “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. It’s the same track that she performed at X Factor UK season in 2006. I’m sure many of you’d remember that killer performance.

The latest performance aired 0n PBS last night. It was a good performance – a reminiscent of her 2006 performance. However, I feel 2006 performance was better but this one wasn’t bad either. I enjoyed every moment as I did back in 2016 when she performed this track for the first time. This time, Leona was more confident than 2006 performance and she also played well with her emotions. However, the 2006 performance had exceptional vocals that Leona couldn’t match this time around. Still, the performance is brilliant and I don’t think it lacks in any aspect. Just give it a watch and you’d love every bit of it even when I rate the 2006 performance higher.

Watch Leona Lewis Perform “Bridge Over Troubled Water”

Post Author: David Watt