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Watch Kylie Minoque’s “Dancing” Music Video Teaser

Kylie Minogue released her latest single “Dancing” mid-January and now she has given us a teaser of the upcoming music video. The single surprised a lot of people with its electro-pop and country beats. With her music video teaser – unfortunately, it’s only 37-seconds in length – I’m sure the Aussie pop star is going to surprise even more.

The music video will feature a lot of dancing – I’m sure you expected that considering that’s what the song is about. About the video, the 49-year old Aussie pop icon publically accepted that she had danced more in the video than she had danced in years. Now that’s exciting. I’m sure the video is going to be one of the best MVs we’ve seen from the hitmaker.

“I have danced more than I have danced in years” were the exact words of the Aussie star.

To back her claim, Kylie uploaded a short video clip showing her dancing like crazy. In this short clip, you will see her individual dance breaks and you are going to love the way she moves in her glittery dress. You will also see her dressed as a cowgirl regalia. It’s amazing to see how much passion she’s got for dancing and how she is able to deliver it onscreen at this age. She is a true pop star and there is taking her down. It’s definitely going to be one super hot visual that will probably become her most iconic video till date. You can watch the video teaser below.

Watch Kylie Minogue Dancing in “Dancing” Music Video – Teaser

Post Author: David Watt