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Watch JoJo and Alessia Cara Perform “I Can Only” Live in a Bathroom Concert Series

What were you expecting when you heard that JoJo will be doing some kind of promotion of her album “Mad Love”? I’m sure a lot of you were expecting that she would make more TV appearance and sing a few songs live from her album. Or maybe, some of you thought that she will make new music videos or join another artist’s tour to deliver some mesmerizing performances.

Nothing like this happened. Instead, JoJo started a bathroom concert series. The first performance is a duet done in acoustic style. It’s “I Can Only” from her album. It’s a collaboration with Alessia Cara.

The duo gave the first live performance of their collaboration. Surprisingly, JoJo and Alessia Cara choose a public restroom to deliver the first live performance. The were accompanied by the DNCE guitarist JinJoo as the duo delivered a nearly perfect of the song.

Everything about this gig seems perfect. JoJo looks amazing in her urban look while Alessia decided to come out in her sweats. Their on-screen presence was fantastic but it was the vocals that sent chills down my spine. Both were fabulous and so was the guitarist. A job well-done. Time to watch this performance below. Be sure to leave comments so I know what you think of the performance. I’m sure every fan will love this performance. So don’t be shy and feel free to praise the girls in the comments below. Now watch this unique acoustic performance live.

Watch JoJo and Alessia Cara perform “I Can Only” live at a public restroom

Post Author: David Watt