Watch Jessie J Perform “Queen” on James Gorden Show

Jessie J stopped by James Gordon Show to deliver one of her best performances ever. She performed “Queen” and totally sounded and looked like a ‘queen’ on stage. She was confident and she had a great presence on stage. Her vocals were blissful. I’m sure she had a great journey to China and winning the singing competition there gave her a lot of confidence. It was clearly showing on the stage.

With this performance of “Queen”, it’s clear that Jessie J and her label is pushing “Queen” to the U.S. now. We can see it with her TV performances. This James Gordon performance is her second in the U.S. in a short time. Both performances worked brilliant for her so far with excellent reviews from bloggers and encouraging appreciation from the live audience. I’m sure Jessie J is looking ahead at a huge 2018.

The most recent performance at the James Gorden Show was brilliant. She was brilliant on the stage and generated many applauds from the crowd with her vocal brilliance. Singing live in China definitely helped her perfect her vocals. She controlled her pitch with ease and still managed to bring all the energy into the performance. It’s something that’s not easy to achieve. I’m so happy for Jessie and I’m sure she’s going to make it big in the U.S.

Watch Jessie J Perform “Queen” on James Gordon Show

Post Author: David Watt