Watch Jessie J Perform “Bang Bang” on “Singer” in China – She Wins the Talent Show

Jessie J has made us proud. She went to china to participate in talent show “Singer” and she has been slaying right from the word ‘go’. Her every performance has been nothing less of brilliant. With all these brilliant performances, she finally made to the grand finale of the show where she performed her two hits “Bang Bang” and “I Will Always Love You”. With these performances, no one could have taken away the podium from her. She won the competition and made every Brit proud of her┬átalent.

If you are wondering why Jessie would bother participating in a talent competition in China, the answer is pretty simple. Have you ever seen a talent show performance in front of 100 million plus crowd? Obviously, it’s not even thinkable in the UK. So for Jessie, this was the big stage. Her final performance came out in front of a crowd that could easily rivals Super Bowl.

Jessie had a tough competition from other talented singers. Audience were also voting for their favorite artists. However, Jessie managed to get a surprising 48% vote and she claimed the crown. After winning the prize, she came back home last night and I’m sure she has been partying with her friends and fans ever since. Watch her brilliant performances at the Chinese talent show below.

Watch Jessie J Finale Performances at Talent Show “Singer”



Post Author: David Watt