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Watch Hayley Kiyoko Performing “Curious” on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Hayley Kiyoko stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to perform her ‘Expectations” single “Curious”. The mini-concert is sponsored by Mercedes Benz and you have already seen some of the best artists on the stage.

Hayley Kiyoko performed on the night of April 3 and made everyone happy with her brilliant delivery of vocals. The girl has a very powerful throat and this is the perfect way to showcase it. Her vocals are perfect and it went really well with the fierce choreography by accompanying dancers. Overall, it was a very good performance with a lot of energy on the stage.

Hayley was as energetic as anyone else on the stage. She was moving around, dazzling in front of the audience and dancing. You will love the performance and would want to dance with her.

I think Hayley did the right thing by choosing to perform “Curious” on Jimmy Kimmel.┬áThis song has already become something of a phenomenon for her fans. It’s in Top 40 and with the performances like these, I can easily see it making an entry in Hot 100 chart. Now that she has released her debut LP, I expect her to go full throttle and back up this performance with many others. This is her time. She already has a lot of potential hits on her album tracklist and all she needs is to promote songs now. I wish her all the best. Watch her performance below.

Watch Hayley Kiyoko perform “Curious” on Jimmy Kimmel Live


Post Author: David Watt