Watch “Earth” Music Video By Lil Dicky Ft. Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Adam Levine, And So Many More

It’s awesome – just let me admit this first. It’s probably the best ‘earth’ video we’ve seen so far – no? Just scroll down and watch this video and then come back and read the review below.

Lil Dicky wants to create some epic content for this sacred mission to save the earth. It’s right in time for the Earth day, which is 22nd April in case you were still unaware. The point of this music video is to make everyone realize that we got to save earth. It’s the only planet with life on it among what we have known so far and it’s our home. Why wouldn’t we want to protect it? We would all join forces and come together to protect it in case of an alien invasion but why not protect it from ourselves?

The lyrics are really well-thought out and the music video is just epic. It catches the essence, makes your eyes lit and then they are wet. That’s exactly the message they wanted to deliver through this video and bravo! Lil Dicky you’ve done a great job. Watch the video below.

Watch “Earth” Video by Lil Dicky

Post Author: David Watt