Watch “Down” Music Video by Marian Hill

Marian Hill has previewed a new music video. The MV “Down” shows us Marian going down an endless elevator. That’s her way of reinventing the concept of going down. It feels like an endless path and there is no end to it unless you stand up and decide to fight.

“Down” is already a major hit on iTunes in the US. Now that asked for a music video, especially after the song was actually revived. It seemed to have no future unless AirPods commercial picked it up. That was when the song was revived and that’s the reason Marian Hill decided to give it a music video. It definitely deserved one and the good news is that the video does justice to the song.

The music video is really cool where you watch the duo falling through the elevator. The visuals are cool and you’d love the duo. Watch the music video for “Down” below.

Watch “Down” music video by Marian Hill

Post Author: David Watt