Watch Dinah Jane’s Perfomance Of Her Song, “Bottled Up”.

The American Singer recently released her debut single, “Bottled up”. Update is, she performed the song on TV for the first time last night when she was a guest at, “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”.

To be honest, the performance was good enough, and ofcourse the audience loved it.

Marc E. Bassy and Ty Dolla Sign acoompanied her for the performance. Ty Dolla Sign blessed the performance with his rap and Marc joined her with his vocals.

The thing i loved about the performance was Dinah’s Dance moves. I mean she was completely involved. Uttering breathy vocals and rocking the stage with her killing moves. I┬áthink She was enjoying the performance more, haha! You will see her staying connected throughout the performance even when it was not her chorus.

Watch Dinah Jane’s First TV Performance for, “Bottled Up”, Featuring Ty Dolla Sign and Marc E. Bassy

My comment for Dinah Jane is that I think that’s how the stage perfomances need to to be. I mean just look at her she was enjoying it and was involved like one should be. It was a stuuning performance from her but i am not much sure about TY and specially about Marc. Marc should have had delivered more!

Post Author: David Watt