Watch Cardi B in Music Video “La Modelo” by Ozuna

Cardi B had a great year so far considering the kind of response she got from English music fans. It seems as if she is going to rule the Spanish charts as well with “La Modelo”. It’s a new single by Ozuna. Cardi B lent her vocals and she has done such a wonderful job that it seems like a major hit already.

The song came out this week. Puerto Rican reggaeton star Ozuna didn’t wait to release the official music video, which came out a few hours later. The response to this MV has been amazing. You’d be amazed to know that it has already gathered over 5 million views on YouTube with 48 hours of being premiered. That’s incredible and a clear indicator that “La Modelo” will be a major hit.

In the song, you will hear Cardi B singing verses in Spanish and English. It’s incredible how well she delivers in both languages.

The official music video gives us the very best of Cardi B who looks hot throughout the MV. In the music video, you will see Ozuna singing his part while partying in an exciting place. There are beautiful girls everywhere. Cardi B is definitely the sexiest one among them. Her outfits reveal a lot of skin. The music video ends with Cardi B and Ozuna together in the bed. You can watch the MV below.

Watch “La Modelo” by Ozuna featuring Cardi B

Post Author: David Watt