Watch Camila Cabello’s “Never Be The Same” Music Video Preview

Camila Cabello is going to give us “Never Be The Same” music video in a few days. How do we know that? She has previewed a teaser of an MV for this new single.

It’s all about Camila Cabello these days. How to pronounce her name and who is her boyfriend? These have been the questions that have become the talk of the town after ex 5H member scored number one position with her debut album Camila and her lead single “Havana”. But apart from these personal questions, fans have also been excited about how her new album is shaping up. The Havana hit-maker has been focusing on promotions of her next single “Never Be The Same” and it seems like a perfect time for her to give us a visual of this new single.

“Never Be The Same” is a perfect song and a worthy of following up “Havana”. When Camila premiered this single on TV, I was like ‘amazing girl’. The song has many pitch changes and Camila hasn’t faltered even once – not even when she debuted the song live. I wish her all the success with this new single.

Although “Never Be The Same” has been performing really well on different digital platforms, it can definitely do a lot better with the help of a music video. Realizing exactly that, Camila has started working on the video. I’m sure it’s coming out of post-production this week. In the video, you are going to see Camila in the rain with lights flashing in the background. The teaser visual looks great. Give it a try below.

Watch “Never Be The Same” Music Video [Teaser] by Camila Cabello

Post Author: David Watt