Watch “Bullet” Music Video by Chelsea Lankes

Chelsea Lankes has premiered an official music video for her single “Bullet”. The music video gives us a bouncy Chelsea who looks visually as good as she sings. This girl is definitely all set for a super career ahead of her.

Chelsea premiered this new music video on VEVO on April 13. The single “Bullet” was included in her debut EP that she gave us earlier this month. Now with the music video out, everyone is talking about her. It seems like the rising American indie-pop artist is having all the rightly deserved attention now.

The song “Bullet” is about getting out of a troubling relationship. Chelsea thinks that such relationships have to come to an end as there the other person isn’t good enough. There is no point trying to make it when there is no point in living in a relationship when it doesn’t make you a better person.

It’s a great song and a very uplifting music video for all those who are¬†fighting off memories from a past relationship. Those who just broke up could find this song extremely helping. The positive energy is going to help you feel better about yourself and your life, thanks to Chelsea’s bouncy music video and upbeat audio.

Chelsea looks great in red. She delivers a perfect sporty look that was needed for this music video. She is singing, dancing and telling herself that she doesn’t need anything other than the music to feel better and look better than she’s ever looked. The message is great and Chelsea looks very convincing in the music video about her message. We’re sure everyone enjoys the music video. You can watch the video below.

Watch music video “Bullet” by Chelsea Lankes

Post Author: David Watt