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Watch Britney Spears Performing Live at her Las Vegas Residency Concert

Britney Spears decided to go live at her Las Vegas Residency concert. She performed Bonnie Raitt’s “Something To Talk About” and the crowd went crazy as they noticed that Britney was going to perform this song live. It was a treat watching the visuals of this LIVE performance. I’m pretty sure this performance has set new standards for performing “LIVE”.

Britney Spears sang on a microphone that replaced her traditional headset. This change didn’t only helped Britney sing with more freedom but it also told the fans that she is 100% live. When you listen to this song below and watch the performance, pay attention to her vocals. They are live and sound awesome. I wish other artists could learn from Britney and start performing live with this kind of freedom. It was an awesome performance that brought a lot of joy for the fans.

Before she started her performance, she talked to the crowd and dragged media. That brought a lot of smiles in the audience and helped the diva set the right mood for the performance to come.

Britney told everyone that she has still the best vocals in the pop industry. She sounded authentic and had the energy that you need to perform live in front of such a huge crowd. Could this be the indication that Britney is still good for Super Bowl performance? Anyway, that’s something we will know when the time is right. For now, you have this amazing LIVE performance to enjoy.

Watch Britney Spear LIVE performance: “Something To Talk About” by Bonine Raitt

Post Author: David Watt