Watch Ariana Grande Perform “No Tears Left To Cry” Perform Live on TV

Ariana Grande was on fire last night when she appeared on The Tonight Show and performed “No Tears Left To Cry”. It was the first-ever television performance of this latest single by Ariana Grande and we absolutely loved it. She totally killed it.

The performance that Ariana Grande delivered on The Tonight Show was nothing less of amazing. It was simply beautiful and Ariana Grande looks stunning in her wonderful dress. Not only looks great, she also sang brilliantly as you’d expect from her in a televised performance. Her vocals were amazing. However, I’m not sure what was it was her feet and the stage. Why did they choose such a trippy stage? I mean, she could have easily tripped and the entire performance would be ruined. Not sure why she took such a risk with an important performance being watched by thousands. It was truely a show-stopping performance but definitely needed some luck for Ari to pull it through. Watch it below.

Watch “No Tears Left To Cry” by Ariana Grande – TV Performance

Post Author: David Watt