Watch Anitta’s Latest Music Video “Will I See You” + Read Single Review

Anitta has recently released a new English single titled “Will I See You”. It features Poo Bear.

This single is huge considering Anitta is a pop queen in Brazil and it’s her new English single. Although she isn’t the main artist of the song. It’s Poo Bear. On top of that, Poo Bear also produced this song. So technically, it’s a Poo Bear song but still, we get to listen to Anitta in this new single, which is great!

I’m sure “Will I See You” will be a big hit.

It’s a catchy new single with a lot of ups and downs. You’ll enjoy Anitta’s vocals as they are vulnerable and beautiful at the same time – a feat that pop artists try to achieve with this kind of composition and lyrics. She sings “But when it’s all said and done, will I see you?”. This was meant for Anitta to sing. She sings really well for this guitar-driven composition, which has clear Latin influences.

The single “Will I See You” is about a woman who is in love with a man. She is so deeply in love with him that she wants him to feel the same way about her. She wants some kind of assurance, a guarantee. That’s when she asks “Will I see you” when it’s all said and done. It’s really touching and has the power to become your romantic ballad of the year.

Don’t forget the Music Video

The good news is that ¬†Anitta released the music video for this new single on the day the single came out. The impatient fans now have all – full audio and a great music video. You will see Anitta at her best in this video. She is really good at doing these light choreography moves. Imagine when she does it all in a lingerie… it’s so hot that you have to watch it yourself. Click the PLAY button below to watch the MV for “Will I See You”.

Watch Music Video “Will I See You” by Anitta¬†(Brazillian Pop Queen)

Post Author: David Watt