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Violin Bow: Should You Go Cheap or Expensive ?

With the wide range of violin bows available on the market today, it’s overwhelming to choose the one that meets your needs and expectations. Some bows are for only a few hundred dollars, while others are offered for thousands of dollars. Deciding on which violin bow to buy, cheap or expensive, depends on your musical preferences and choices.

Things to Consider in Buying Violin Bows

Just like shopping for clothes and shoes, buying a violin bow requires some assessment and fitting in order to get the perfect one. You would want to know the materials used and how they are manufactured. Understanding the differences between expensive and cheap bows also helps make an informed decision.

For instance, research why some types of stick and horsehair are cheaper or more expensive. If you buy expensive bows, would that give you better quality in terms of sound and melody ? According to professional violinists, what are the ideal materials to use? Is it pernambuco wood or brazilwood ? And how do bows affect your violin’s sound quality in general ?

Choosing the Best Violin Bow

Bows affect the sound quality of a violin. In addition, they also affect the techniques used by string players. There are certain things and features that a cheap violin bow can’t do unlike their expensive counterparts. For instance, spiccato with crossed strings can be tough to handle just like legato passages when you use a cheaper bow.

In terms of wood quality, you can never go wrong with a pernambuco stick. However, it’s also a smart choice to use good brazilwood for your violin bows if you want a more affordable option. Pernambuco is dense, resilient, and has great appearance. It’s a popular choice for advanced players, including the beginners.

Here’s the thing, if you’re only a beginner, you can choose a cheap violin bow for starters. But if you are an advanced violinist, it’s important to go with more expensive bows to keep up with your complex techniques and quality requirements. It all depends on the level of skills you currently have so that you can put your money to good use.

So, How Should You Choose Your Violin Bow

What makes a cheap violin bow different from expensive bows is the quality. If you want higher quality, you can choose high-end bows. But if you just want to learn and explore, a cheap violin bow is a good start. Knowing what you really need is all that matters.

Post Author: Harvey Dyer