Video Review: “Outside” by Calvin Harris starring Ellie Goulding

We all love Ellie Goulding for her music and her perfectly toned midriff area only wishing we could see more of her. She is starring in music video for Calvin Harris’ new track “Outside” which is the second time both have collaborated. The Scottish DJ did a hit track back in 2012 titled “I Need Your Love” from album “18 Months” with Goulding as their first collaboration.

“Outside” is included in Calvin Harris’ fourth studio album “Motion”. The album was released last month and became an instant hit. The music video starring Ellie Goulding has a special vibe to it. It begins with a girl who is confused about her decision of breaking up with her boyfriend. Goulding sings the hook and shows her confusion on the screen as she sings “Now I’m on the outside”. She looks great and her voice is as clear as ever.

At times Ellie also thinks that she has made the right decision to split. That’s where it sounds more like a sequel to “I Need Your Love”. But anyway, “Outside” has its own feel and the overall plot and theme is really exciting even if it is a sequel to “I Need Your Love”.

Watch “Outside” by Calvin Harris Starring Ellie Goulding

Post Author: David Watt