Video Review: “Hotel Ceiling” by Rixton

British pop band Rixton has just released a video for their fresh track “Hotel Ceiling” which is going to be the third official single from Rixton’s debut album titled “Let the road”. The track is written by Ed Sheeran.

Rixton has had a good time with their debut single “Me and My Broken Heart” charting at No.1 in the UK but the band couldn’t follow up their success with second track from the album titled “Wait on Me” which could only manage No.12 spot on UK charts. The third single “Hotel Ceiling” is also destined for a similar fate with nothing special in it. Probably Rixton decided to release this track as their third official single only because it’s written by Ed Sheeran. But this strategy can prove to be useless considering that it’s a Rixton song and Ed Sheeran won’t be performing it.

The video for “Hotel Ceiling” is psychopathic. It is the story of a girl who loves a boy. Both go out dating, hugging, kissing and enjoying their time together but then there is a verbal fight between the two. In the next and final cut, the girl is putting a ring on boy’s finger and officially marrying her but as the camera rolls, the boy is lying dead on the floor. The girl had murdered her before marrying her.

Watch “Hotel Ceiling” by Rixton

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz