Video Review: “Give You What You Like” by Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne originally released “Give You What You Like” back in 2013. Now LifeTime is going to use this track in upcoming TV movie titled “Babysitter’s Black Book” as theme music. After the network chose to take Avril’s track for powering one of the major scenes in the movie, it also offered the singer remuneration for shooting an official music video which Avril happily accepted. As a result there is a video for “Give You What You Like” which includes some footage from the movie as well. Although the amount of footage is terribly low, it seems justified to have more of Avril in the video as the network paid her for that. Now this video will be used as official ‘promo’ for the movie.

Avril Lavigne sings the track wearing stunning black. The touching ballad delivers its feelings thanks to artistic and somber set that the director chose to use. The entire living room where Avril is standing and singing the touching ballad is decorated with small candles. A guitarist is sitting quietly at a corner playing guitar throughout the scene. Although this is a pretty simple video with minimal scenes added from the TV movie, it may turn out to be a success as it attacks the right emotion and sets a perfect environment for those emotions to come out. You can watch the video below.

Watch “Give You What You Like” by Avril Lavigne

Post Author: David Watt