Video Review: “Do It Again” by Pia Mia featuring Chris Brown and Tyga

Pia Mia may be a newcomer but she is already showing her talents. She has premiered a new music video for her Chris Brown and Tyga assisted track. Music video for “Do It Again” was premiered via VEVO this week.

“Do It Again” is produced by Nic Nac. This urban pop song has the right kind of vibe to become a radio hit. With video coming at the right time, there is every chance that Pia Mia will eventually make it big on the radio.

The song is all about Pia Mia wanting to quit her affair with a boy whom she has just met. Well, there isn’t an affair as they committed to a one-night stand only but still both had developed affection for each other. Pia Mia kinds of like that. She enjoys being fascinated by her friend so she wants to “Do It Again”. She wants to have another one-night stand and then stay longer with the boy and maybe fall in love with him. There is so much drama that Pia Mia is asking for in this music video.

Pia Mia has just turned 18 this year. She is young and exciting. We will be able to hear her music in full when her debut album hits the market later this year. The album will be released through Interscope Records.

Watch Music Video “Do It Again” by Pia Mia featuring Chris Brown and Tyga

Post Author: David Watt