Video Review: “Bet My Life” by Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons has released a video for their catchy track “Bet My Life”. This rock number has a feel of folk which makes it really catchy and gives it an amazing tone that has already helped the track become really popular quickly. The track will be featured in the upcoming sophomore album which is still to be titled. The rumor has it that the album will be out in February 2015. Before the album releases, “Bet My Life” would have gathered plenty of following for Imagine Dragons by securing top position on charts worldwide, as is obvious from its rise in popularity ever since it got a video.

The video is all about teenagers fighting with each other. They are not regular kids fighting but they are fighting for something important and that’s the reason they are trying to win the fight no matter what. The brutal fight has a winner and a looser within first minute of the video. The looser gets on a small boat and wanders in a lake, holding on to his life, though looking hard for him to stay alive for long after being beaten in the fight. To survive, he has to sail away. As he sails, all of a sudden the lake turns into the sky and the sailor falls off from it into a city downtown. The people there welcome the teenager with excitement. That’s pretty much it about the video. I’m not sure if you’re going to get what the video means but still it has catchy cinematography and good production quality so you will like while watching it.

Watch Bet My Life by Imagine Dragons

Post Author: David Watt