TNAN and Bound to Divide Share a Song, “All In” Featuring AVESTRA. Stream Here:

The American music producer, “TNAN” and the Seattle based electronic duo, “AVESTRA” teamed up last month. They shared a new EP titled, “Bloom”.

Well, I think they like to work together. No, I am not saying this by my own, but they have come up together once again for a new song titled, “All In”. Yeah, but this time the London Based producer, “Bound to Divide” has joined them as well.

Well, you gotta listen to this new song, “All In”. One thing that you know for sure that production is gonna be great, and it is. It is a perfect blend of electronic sound and R&B.

One half of the AVESTRA, ” Savannah Johnston” has appeared on this song with the power he has, his vocals I mean. Give it a try!

Listen to the TNAN, AVESTRA and Bound to Divide’s collaboration, “All In”:

So, now you know the reason that why they have been collaborating. Can’t just they make this a permanent project. A side project maybe? I mean, I just want to say that I like them together.

Post Author: David Watt