Time for a The Chainsmokers song “The One” – Listen + Review

The Chainsmokers have released a new single titled “The One”. This new song will be included on the band’s upcoming debut studio album titled “Memories… Do Not Open”. This single serves as official countdown single for the album. It’s the first song from the album.

This electro-ballad was released on iTunes. It’s written by Emily Schwartz, who has already shown songwriting talent with songs like “Don’t Let Me Down”.

The song “Don’t Let Me Down” has amazing lyrics. Each verse has a different story to tell. In fact, this entire album is about stories, memories, and experience. This song, “The One”, is particularly about how the life has changed for the band after they have scored some hits on the charts. Now their life is complicated and they have to put in a greater effort to sort it out. Since the priorities of the life have changed, there is no time to cherish the moments with friends and family.

This song also touches on the how some relationships become toxic when they are over and not working anymore, but we don’t have the courage to end them. So if you are tired of a relationship but don’t know how to break it up, here is some solid advice from The Chainsmokers. Listen to this song below and be sure to leave comments telling us how you feel about this song. Is it another hit from The Chainsmokers?

Listen to “The One” by The Chainsmokers

Post Author: David Watt