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The Music Video For, “Selena”,”DJ Snake”, Ozuna”,”Cardi B” Collaboration, “Taki Taki” is Lit. Watch Now:

The Music Video for “Selena”,”DJ Snake”, Ozuna”,”Cardi B” Collaboration, “Taki Taki” is what every one is talking about right now. The song with high potential and the urban beat is now accompanied with the official music video. The video was released via YouTube on Tuesday October 9th.

The Music Video is already a hit and has gone cross 3 million views just after 12 hours of it’s release and i am not surprised. I mean what else could you expect from a video starring Selena and Cardi. Is this going to be the most viewed video on YouTube this year? We can hope so.

The Visuals feature,”Selena”, “Ozuna”, “DJ Snake” and of course “Cardi B” and is directed by, “Colin Tilley”. It was shot some where i don’t wanna go. LOL! It is a dark-themed video, the sets are bit terrifying and wonderful.

The Music Video takes you to some other world and it shows the group together and then the show starts when Ozuna starts to rap his verse. You will see ozuna accompanied by a pack of hot girls and then there comes the Queen, “Cardi B”.

Watch the music video for “Selena”,”DJ Snake”, Ozuna”,”Cardi B” Collaboration, “Taki Taki”:

Every thing about is this video is just wonderful but wait, what about that, “Selena Gomez” scene? All of a sudden out of nowhere, the dark-themed world changes in to a jungle. isn’t it confusing?

Post Author: David Watt