Taylor Swift music video for “Bad Blood”

Taylor Swift has announced that she would be premiering music video for “Bad Blood” on May 17. “Bad Blood” is taken from country/pop star’s album ‘1989’ and is believed to be outcome of Taylor Swift’s animosity towards pop sensation Katy Perry.

The announcement about music video for “Bad Blood” came through a press release held by Taylor Swift where she broke a lot of news in addition to announcing her latest music video. She confirmed that Joseph Khan will be directing music video for “Bad Blood”. The music video will feature roles from iconic supermodels and blockbuster movie stars. The list of performers is expected to be full of Grammy and Oscar nominees. If you are a fan of star studded music videos, this is going to be the king of all of them and you won’t want to miss this.

Although there is no news about plot of the upcoming music video from Taylor, there is every chance that she will be going to a mega cinematic video with budget touching the sky. The only authentic news comes from the poster of the music video that someone posted online. It indicates that Taylor Swift will be playing Catastrophe in the video. If you haven’t seen Taylor creating trouble yet, this is the role to look forward. The poster also had a 2015 Billboard Music Awards logo, indicating that she’d be performing it on the awards ceremony next week. Nevertheless, nothing is confirmed as of yet and we will have to wait till the next week to see what happens at the award shows.

Post Author: David Watt