Single Review: “Take Me to the Church” by Hozier

“Take Me to the Church” is a powerful soul ballad by Hozier who probably has the most powerful and deep vocals than anyone else around. His latest single “Take Me to the Church” hit top charts in Ireland before securing 3rd spot on Billboard The Hot 100 charts.

The 24-year old Andrew Hozier Byrne is the next big thing from Ireland. He is son of a blues drummer and therefore growing learning music. His first inspirations were Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone and later he was inspired by rock maestro Pink Floyd. He then went on to study music at Trinity College and sang with a choral group till 2012. His own music clearly draws inspiration from powerful gospel as well as dark rock music as he combines sweet hum with the rock riffs. Many of his fans believe that this combination helps them through a feeling of ecstacy.

Take Me to the Church” brings similarly kind of feeling to the listeners as Hozier combines a Church call with toxic love affair in his own soulful and deep style. The track is a hit along with its video which has already racked up over six million views on YouTube.

Watch “Take Me to the Church” by Hozier

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz